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Santiago de Cuba, Traditions

Santiago de Cuba par excellence is the cradle of almost all the musical genres of Cuba, country where the music is soul and root. Grateful as the cradle of the Son and Bolero, where the traditional trova (ballad) and the expression coral have a deeply held influence. In this earth big musicians were born, like Sindo Garay, Ñico Saquito, Eliades Ochoa and Compay Segundo to mention a few one. But if all this is about music, it’s impossible to ignore the spectacular santiagueros carnivals, alive, autochthonous, colorings, considered the best of the country.

The folkloric rhythms of the eastern of the island find in the carnivals santiagueros a special sound of its conga that the difference of those of the rest of the country for the Chinese trumpet that combined with the Tumbas Francesas, they provoke the movement of feet crawled to the sound of its unsurpassable and contagious rhythm.

It is totally unacceptable, to visit this oriental county and not visit El Cobre town (The first copper mine to open sky of the whole American continent). In this town is located El Cobre church where takes place The Pilgrimage to the The Cobre’s Sanctuary, very particular tradition that it’s symbol of faith of the devote ones of the Virgin of the Caridad del Cobre, those that go to her looking for protection against the bad or maybe bring good luck for the personal and familiar future.

To visit the city of Santiago de Cuba means to travel in the time, it’s move yourself among decades, centuries and a countless of folkloric rich traditions that transform you and makes you get into debt of returning her again and again.