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Parks and Streets

You close your eyes and see in your mind streets, parks, squares, buildings, trade, atmosphere... You imagine this city of almost half millennium of existence, as poets and dreamer of the Project have thought it: decorated, colored, conserved, and you can’t imagine less that a walk for streets so emblematic as Enramadas (the most densely populated street of the city) or Aguilera, by the historical area to enjoy and ennoble the spirit...

People dreams to reach up to La Alameda, a park in the low area of the city, kissed by the waters of the beautiful bay, or they thinks of sitting down under the trees of the Céspedes Park (the town centre of the locality), walks through Plaza de Marte (one of the places in the most centre of town), or go towards the santiageros districts going up the stairway of Padre Pico street, to mitigate this heat so characteristic of the santiaguero and Caribbean summer, then realizes that, certainly, they will be wandering or recreating the sight in the most beautiful city in Cuba.