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Museum Casa de Diego Velázquez

It is the mansion that belonged to Diego Velazquez (Spanish conqueror, first Governor from Cuba and founder of the first seven villages in the country), built between 1516 and 1530, even maintained in spite of the time and for the recent fires to which it has been threatened.

Museum House of Diego VelázquezMuseum Diego Velázquez

At the moment this old house works as Cuban Historical Colonial Environment's Museum, and the oldest construction in Cuba is considered, which was also House of the Indies and Foundry of the Spanish Crown.

The house presents architectural and ornamental elements of notable Moorish influences, as the artisans and the lattices Windows of its balconies, with a roof of carved cedar (in their majority it had to be reconstructed after a fire).

In the last floor was the rooms; the ground floor was the commercial part of the house, where Velazquez maintained his offices and in somewhere around this floor horse carriages were kept too.

The museum aspires to looks like the styles and the times of the colonial life, it seen through its building of the XVI and XIX centuries. It will find some French, British, Spaniards and Cuban magnificent furniture; Spanish ceramics; carved trunks; and French porcelain. Some dressing rooms have extraordinary designs and decorations, the proof of the wealth that the colonial bourgeoisie in Cuba of that time got.

Nowadays it has a second house out the back, blue and white painted. It has an attractive patio that is not part of the original house of Velazquez.